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A wet basement in Sandyston Twp., NJ can be fixed forever in 2-3 days

Sandyston Township has many a wet basement and is located in Sussex County, N.J. The Township covers 43.2 square miles and has 1,998 residents (U.S. Census 2010).

The Township is 75 miles West of New York City and near the Pennsylvania border.

Sandyston was developed by a Royal Charter in 1762. The Township was later formally incorporated after the American Revolution by an Act of the New Jersey State Legislature in 1798. Sandyston was part of the 104 initial Townships that were granted at one time.

Dingman’s Ferry Bridge crosses the Delaware River in Sandyston Township. It is one of the last privately owned toll bridges in the country.

Why you should repair your wet basement in Sandyston Township, NJ

  • Health Concerns…Unpleasant odors throughout your house are in direct association with a wet basement.
  • Your Home’s Resale Value…The resale value of your home could be adversely affected.
  • Real Estate Laws…You can put your house up for sale so long as all water defects are disclosed.
  • Delayed Sale…In today’s market a delayed sale because of a wet basement is usually a lost sale.

How a French Drain can lower the water table under the wet basement floor.

  1. The drainage pipe of the French Drain is place alongside the footings at approximately 6-8” below the wet basement floor level.
  2. The water under the basement floor gets pumped away at that level before it comes up to the floor level.
  3. A French drain is much unlikely to clog than an exterior perimeter drain partially due to the fact that it is not sitting underneath several feet of soil.
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