​Protecting your home always starts with the basement. So much of what keeps your home healthy involves having the proper systems in place in your basement. Proper HVAC systems will circulate the air through your home and keep your home healthy. However, if you have unhealthy conditions in your basement or crawlspace it can affect your whole home as well. Ensuring that there is not water entry or toxic Radon gas entry into your basement is one of our primary goals. Our team helps New Jersey homeowners properly waterproof their basements, repair their foundations, and prevent mold growth in their homes. Take a look below at some of our basement heath videos to learn more about how your home can be protected.

Basement Waterproofing and Wet Basements

What is basement waterproofing?

​Why Basements Get Wet

​Basement Waterproofing Weep Holes

Buried Discharge - Solutions

​What is a French Drain Waterproofing System?

​Basement Ventilation Solutions

Basement and Crawlspace Sump Pumps

​7 Day Sump Pump Battery

​Sump pump-electricity ?

Foundation Repair and Protection

​A-1 Basement Solutions How to Measure a Wall

​A-1Basement Solutions Epoxy Comparison

​A-1 Basement Solutions Foundation Repair Product Comparison

​A-1 Basement Solutions Shear Pin Strength Test

​A-1 Basement Solutions Bracket Strength Test

​A-1 Basement Solutions Block Strength Test

​A1 Basement Solutions Tuck Pointing

​A-1 Basement Solutions Corner Repair

​A-1 Basement Solutions Carbon Fiber Installation

​Mold Prevention and Protection

​How Do I Prevent Mold By Controlling Humidity?

​How Should I Move Water Away From Home To Prevent Mold?

​How Do My House Plants Help to Prevent Mold?

​How Do We Use Air Flow to Prevent Mold?

​How Quickly Should I Clean Up A Wet Area to Prevent Mold?

​How Do I Use Ventilation To Stop Mold Growth?

​Should I Do Mold Removal Myself Or Hire A Contractor?

​How Do I Go About Removing Mold From My Home?

​Should I Spray Bleach On Mold?

​What Are Different Types Of Mold Removal Methods?

​What Is The Best Product For A Do It Youselfer To Kill Mold At Home?

​Are there Mold Removal products That Are Less Toxic Than Others?

​Where In The Home Is Mold Most Likely To Develop?

​I Have Mold, How Quickly Should I Get Rid Of It?

​Does An Energy Efficient Home Contribute To Mold Growth?

​What Are The Most Common Types Of Mold?

​What causes mold to develop in my home?

​How Do I Know If I Have Mold?