Our basement waterproofing experts at A-1 Basement Solutions specialize in waterproofing basements from the interior. There are a number of solutions available for interior waterproofing ranging from french drains to carbon fiber crack repair. Our team uses only patented and safe techniques for waterproofing wet basements.

If you are experiencing a wet basement, our team can help. We have over 20 years of experience finding and repairing the cause of basement water damage. Our basement experts can also help you with mold testing, and exterior waterproofing solutions. Most basement waterproofing jobs can be completed with only interior work. Diagnosing the cause of the water damage can be one of the most important steps in basement waterproofing. It can be the difference between you only needing interior work or having some parts of your yard excavated to install exterior waterproofing solutions.

​Our Interior Basement Waterproofing Solutions

​Our team has a variety of solutions we use to repair wet basements. Each different solution has its own application and can be used to fix a number of water leak issues. Whether you are experiencing large amounts of water in your basement or only have small leaks after heavy rains, we can help. Take a look below at some of the products we install to protect your basement.

​Interior Basement Waterproofing

​An interior French Drain does not prevent water from entering your basement. Instead, it catches the water that makes its way inside and channels it to a sump pump that sends the water back outside or into a drain line.

​French Drains became popular with homeowners in New Jersey because they have several advantages over exterior waterproofing solutions. Most notably the installation of a french drain consists of no exterior excavation which means your landscaping isn't disturbed. In addition to this the drain system can be installed at any point in the year, no matter the weather. These systems excel at keeping your basement safe from water damage due to their ability to remove water from a large area. Additionally, they are used to relieve hydrostatic pressure buildup in the soil surrounding your foundation. This will help prevent cracking in your foundation over time.

​​Sump Pumps

​Sump pumps are one of the most popular basement waterproofing options in New Jersey. These systems keep your home dry by automatically pumping and channeling water away from the foundation. Most sump pumps are installed with a battery backup system that kicks in when the power goes out to prevent flooding in your basement even during a power outage. It is important that any sump pump you have installed is reliable and will protect your home even in the wettest weather.

Our team has the experience you need to help you choose the right sump pump for the job. The right sump pump system in your basement can mean the difference between a dry home or thousands of dollars in flood damage. A quality sump pump is an investment that's worth making to keep your home water free and protected.

​Basement Ventilation Systems

​Our team installs the EZ Breath basement ventilation system to keep basements circulated and moisture free. This system is used to pump air out of the basement and draw in refreshed clean air from the rest of your home.

Installing a basement ventilation system allows you to have peace of mind that any potentially hazardous materials floating in the air of your basement are safely removed from the home. In addition to this, a basement ventilation system combats the humidity levels in your basement. This effect both improves the air quality of your basement and helps to prevent mold from forming on your basement walls and ceilings. Without a system like the EZ Breath system, humidity and condensation are left to form on all surfaces of your basement which can create a health risk for the entire house.

​Mold Testing And Remediation in Watchung, NJ

I had a great experience with A-1. They consulted on a home before I purchased it then once I purchased they were able to do the work immediately. The work included mold remediation and installing french drains so that now I have peace of mind that my home is safe. Doug was very helpful, ...

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A-1 Basements Solutions should be everyone's go-to basement waterproofing company. Highly knowledgeable and efficient! Along with an exceptional level of professionalism, one could hope to expect. 

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