​Our experts at A-1 Basement Solutions specialize in the installation of basement egress windows to provide an extra measure of safety for your basement living spaces. Basements are no longer used for just storage. They are your playrooms, entertainment centers, and more often now than before, bedrooms for expanding families. Because of this, installing an egress window solution in your basement is important. Egress windows are a safety solution that should be installed on any home where the basement will be used regularly as they can provide quick entry if help is needed, and a quick exit in the case of an emergency.

The phrase, "means of egress", refers to the ability to exit the structure, primarily in the event of an emergency such as a fire. Specifically, a means of egress is broken into three parts. The path of travel to an exit, the exit itself, and the path to a safe area outside. Our team can install a variety of egress solutions for your basement that are guaranteed to provide a safe route outside of your home in the case of an emergency.

The Installation Process

Egress windows can be installed by being retrofit into your existing basement. Both solutions provide the same quality of egress and safety for your family. If your home does not have an egress window, you should consider having one retro-fit into your existing basement. During the installation process of an egress window, many factors are taken into account. The location of the window depends on which wall offers the best light. Eastern facing windows provide the best morning light, while southern facing windows offer the best light year-round. The location will also depend on obstacles, like buried utilities, shrubbery, indoor wiring, and duct work. You also need to know where buried utility lines are so you don't hit or interfere with water, gas, electrical, cable, or sewer lines when the well is dug.

The Three Steps Of Retro-Fitting An Egress Window

​Step One: Preparation

The Window Outline Will Be Marked on the concrete, space will need to be added for the header if the window is being placed perpendicular to the floor joists. If the window is being installed on a load-bearing wall, the header may need to be reinforced. Using a concrete saw with a diamond blade, a cutting line will be made on the outside wall. The hole will then be cut out for the window. If the foundation is concrete block, a hammer will be used to break the blocks away from the wall.

​Step Two: Well Installation

​Now that the window opening has been created the well will be installed into the ground and anchored to the foundation with screws, and caulked around the inside and outside to provide water intrusion resistance. Gravel is then poured into the bottom of the hole and the dirt removed is filled in around the exterior of the well. A ladder is installed and a grate or grate and cover goes on top of the well.

​Step Three: Finishing

​Once the well has been installed, the window will be installed in the hole prepared earlier. The window is framed in pressure-treated wood to prevent rot and water intrusion into your basement. Caulk is applied around the window frame to seal any small gaps that may allow water to come into your basement. Once this is installed, your new egress window is ready to be used to keep your family safe in the event of a fire or other emergency.

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