Having a crack in your basement is all too common. Different types of foundations have different types of basement foundation cracks. Most houses do develop cracks within a few years after they are built. It is a fact. While these cracks might seem non-threatening initially, they do have the potential to grow wider over time.

Our experts have the experience needed to properly identify even the smallest of cracks and provide the necessary repairs. Our wall repair methods are safe and guaranteed to keep the crack from spreading. In addition to this, some foundation wall and cracks can cause water seepage and our technicians commonly advise homeowners to install a basement waterproofing system as well as repair the crack. Our team can give you peace of mind as a New Jersey homeowner that your home will remain safe and dry for years. Call us at 908-322-1313 or fill out our online contact form to schedule a free estimate today.

Wall Crack Repair Methods

Our team at A-1 Basement Solutions uses a patented carbon fiber crack repair technology that can seal over even the largest structural cracks. Our team knows that protecting the foundation of your home is very important and that even the smallest cracks can cause structural damage. We have years of experience repairing foundation wall cracks and restoring the structural integrity of foundations.

What is the difference between a structural crack and a settlement crack?

​The soil outside the foundation wall exerts an enormous pressure, also known as hydro-static pressure, on the foundation wall. Foundation walls are designed to be strong enough to resist this load. However, over time as the pressure on your foundation wall increases, cracks may appear. These cracks can either be horizontal or vertical and each type poses its own problems. At a glance, most horizontal cracks can be structural in nature, while most vertical cracks are not. This is not a hard and fast rule, just a starting point for most homeowners. If you have doubts and concerns, our team of experts is here to help. We offer free foundation inspections for wall cracks and bowed basement walls.

​Structural Foundation Cracks

​Structural foundation cracks occur most often in basements with foundation walls made out of stone bricks. The crack appears due to the strain on the mortar that comes from the soil it is holding back. Structural cracks often appear horizontal on the wall and may also present themselves in a stair-step pattern. These cracks are typically defined as having large to medium-sized gaps and may be causing your foundation walls to bow inward. If you notice these cracks in your basement, you should contact our experts immediately as it may be a sign of significant structural damage. Take a look below at some of the signs you should look for when investigating a foundation crack:​1. The crack will be in a load bearing foundation wall​2. The crack will be below grade​3. The crack will be in a stair-step pattern or horizontal

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