The A-1 Basement Solutions Crawl Space Sealing System is a necessary step in creating a more healthy and energy efficient living environment. The A-1 Basement Solutions Crawl Space Sealing System will help reduce your energy costs and protect your home against dangerous toxins such as mold, soil gases like Radon and other harmful allergens.

Our vapor barrier sealing system is installed to effectively seal your crawl space. Once your crawl space is sealed, your home will begin to reap the benefits associated with having a healthy crawl space. With the elimination of harmful soil gases such as Radon and the removal of toxic mold or other airborne allergens, the indoor air quality in your home will be greatly improved. Our team can install these systems in a short time frame to let you get back to living healthy sooner.

Crawl Space Encapsulation Solutions

​Our crawl space vapor barrier sealing system is designed to block everything from water to gases from entering into your crawl space. The system we install is a 90mil insulated crawl space liner designed to regulate both humidity and temperature in your crawl space.

Crawl Space Vapor Barriers

A healthy home needs a healthy crawl space. You can’t have one without the other. The crawl space is subterranean, below ground where the bugs and insects live. Because the crawl space is underground, it has a different environment than the rest of the house. Therefore, crawl space sealing is a necessity.

A healthy crawl space should be a standard, not a luxury. The quality of the environment in the crawl space is of major concern because the crawl space environment affects the health of all the residents of the home. As a homeowner, it is important to understand the health risks associated with the crawl space.

As warm air rises, cool air from the crawl space is sucked into the living areas of your home. Called the “stack effect”, it’s the same way a chimney works. This, combined with other factors, provides a significant amount of the air you breathe actually came from your crawl space.

​Why You Should Seal Your Crawl Space

​1. Lower energy costs. The aluminized liner reflects heat in your crawl space just like wrapping a baked potato in aluminum foil keeps it warm longer by holding in the heat.

2. Creates a healthy home. By sealing out harmful gases, radon, and moisture the crawl space is made healthier. One side of the liner is aluminized to diffuse soil gases back into the soil

​3. Provide a safe, clean area for storage. 90mil is a heavy duty vinyl that gives the liner strength. Each layer is separated by a polyethylene foam to aid with insulation. When all the components are laminated together, it forms the thickest zero perm crawl space and basement liner available today

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