Sump Pumps are among the most common waterproofing solutions installed in New Jersey homes. This is mainly due to how reliable the systems are in keeping your basement dry. Our team installs sump pump systems and battery backup systems in homes that need the reliability of a sump pump system.

We have the experience needed to help diagnose and solve many basement waterproofing problems. Including the installation of sump pump systems. These systems are often installed alongside existing perimeter and french drain systems to ensure that any water leaking into your basement is promptly removed. If you have a wet basement and are in need of basement waterproofing services, our team can help. Call us at 908-322-1313 or fill out our online estimate form today for a free estimate.


New Jersey Sump Pump Systems

Standard sump pump systems consist of a pump and a sump basket. These two combined are set up to collect water and evacuate it from your basement. Our sump pump systems are capable of moving up to 20 gallons of water every 30 minutes which will ensure that your basement remains water free.

The PitBoss 3/4 HP Stainless Steel Sump Pump is our flagship pump, currently installed in thousands of homes across the country. The PitBoss features submersible, cast-iron and stainless steel construction, along with an energy efficient 5 amp motor.

The top suction design eliminates clogging and air-locking. This Deluxe Kit (All In One Box) includes the pump, Silencer check valve and boot, and a newly redesigned float switch tested and rated to 1 million cycles.

The PitBoss 3/4 HP comes with a 5-Year Full Replacement Warranty.



New Jersey 7 Day Battery Backup Sump Pump

Our 7-Day Battery Backup Sump Pump system is designed to kick on in the event of a power outage. This system is popular with New Jersey homeowners because it ensures that your waterproofing system remains running no matter what.

The PumpSpy Professional Combo is our top-of-the-line PitBoss 3/4 HP Stainless Steel sump pump paired (and pre-plumbed) with the PumpSpy Professional WiFi Connected Battery Backup Pump. The kit includes 24/7 FREE MONITORING, primary & backup sump pumps, battery case, switches and a battery backup for Internet and wifi connection. 75 amp Richtech Battery (not included) is recommended for use with all PumpSpy WiFi Connected Battery Backup Systems.

Pumps more water:
PumpSpy Professional’s controller boosts pumping capacity by an additional 180 GPH at a 10’ lift.

5 Year Warranty:
Only PumpSpy Professional comes with a 5 year warranty on the controller and backup pump.

Battery Backup Protects Basement From Flooding

PumpSpy Professional’s Battery Backup System is designed to protect your basement from flooding in case of a power outage. PumpSpy monitors the health of your main sump pump, backup pump and battery, 24/7. PumpSpy’s backup pump pumps more water per hour than any other backup system, plus it runs more efficiently on a single battery charge than competitor battery backup pumps.

Quality automotive grade components are sealed in waterproof epoxy to prevent corrosion and increase dependability.

24/7 Monitoring In the Palm of Their Hand

PumpSpy’s Wi-Fi connection connects your sump pump system to the PumpSpy Data Center. PumpSpy’s computers will monitor your complete system, for FREE, 24 hours a day.

Use the PumpSpy App to unlock the full power of PumpSpy Technology! Now with more robust data, the newly redesigned app features:

  • Clearer, more defined notifications and warnings
  • Access to FAQs and troubleshooting tips
  • Real time pump performance data
  • One app to monitor both systems

Sump Pump Systems New Jersey

Installing a sump pump system can be a vital component of your basement waterproofing solution. Our team has years of experience and knows that installing a sump pump is one of the best options for solving any basement waterproofing issue. Whether you have water leaking in through cracks or seeping in through other seams in your foundation, installing a sump pump can help.

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