​Bowed basement walls can occur when you have structural wall cracks that weaken the structural integrity of your foundation. Our team has been helping New Jersey homeowners repair bowed basement walls for years. We use a patented carbon fiber system that pulls the wall back into place and provides a strong structural support when cured.

We have the experience to properly identify when a basement wall is bowing, even just a little bit, and can help provide the needed repairs. Our carbon fiber systems are often installed along the entire effected wall preventing future bowing and structural failure. This basement problem is often followed by water damage and in some cases, our experts may suggest that you install a basement waterproofing system if you do not already have one. If you are unsure whether your basement wall is leaning or bowing outwards, contact our experts online or call 908-322-1313 today to schedule a free foundation inspection.

Bowed Foundation Wall Repair Solutions

Our team uses a patented carbon fiber repair system that seals cracks, provides structural support, and is virtually indestructible to repair bowing foundation walls. This system consists of a carbon fiber sheet that is coated with a strong epoxy to help it solidify and stick to your basement walls. These systems are effective for basements with poured and masonry foundations.

How It is installed

Carbon fiber fabric installs in tough strips on the foundation walls in order to reinforce the weakened areas. To install these, the areas where the installation will occur are treated and applied with an epoxy glue. Carbon fiber fabric strips are installed based on mathematical calculations of needed load distribution. The installation is fast, economical and leaves a homeowner with about the same living space.

​Benefits of Using Carbon Fiber

​There are many benefits to using carbon fiber to repair your bowing foundation walls. One of the most important benefits is how long the repair lasts. Our carbon fiber system is designed to be non-degradable and to withstand both water and cold. These systems will last for the entire life of your home, giving you and your family peace of mind. Take a look below at some of the other benefits our carbon fiber wall repair system has:

  • ​It is guaranteed to permanently stabilize foundation walls against lateral loads.
  • ​Installation is fast with minimal disruption and mess.
  • No excavation of property is necessary.
  • ​It does not create obstructions in the room that can reduce floor space.
  • The reinforcing material will not corrode, mildew, or weaken over time.
  • The repaired surface can be painted or covered with white wall panels.
  • ​The home maintains a higher resale value than when repaired with more obtrusive steel alternatives.

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