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Common Signs Of A Wet Basement Bergen County, NJ Bergen County, NJ


Common Signs Of A Wet Basement Bergen County, NJ

A wet basement is one of the worst nightmares for a homeowner with a finished basement. Completed wet basements are especially hard to diagnose. You may not notice leaks behind your drywall or painted walls until there is considerable damage. It means you will spend more on repairing the damage.

The following are some ways to detect leaks behind the walls of wet basements.

1. The Presence Of A Musty Odor

Leaks can result in musty odors, mainly when absorbed by the wood, drywall, or sheetrock. The pungent smell comes from mold growing in the drywall or wall cavities. If you notice a musty odor in your basement, there’s a good chance that you have a mold infestation and, therefore, a moisture problem in your basement.

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2. Dark Stains On Baseboards And Walls

Dark stains are the first visible sign of the presence of black mold in a home. Black mold often grows where there is excessive moisture. If it appears on your basement walls and baseboards, there’s a good chance that there is moisture behind your walls.

3. Peeling Or Bubbling Paint And Drywall

Bubbling or peeling of paint or drywall is often the result of excessive moisture in the walls or drywall. You should also check for the separation of wallpaper from the wall.

4. Water Stains

When water gets absorbed by drywall, concrete, or sheetrock, water stains form on the surface of the wall. If you’ve noticed stains on your walls, please observe them. If they continue to grow, they are a sign that there is a leak behind the wall.


5. Warping Of Walls

The walls may also begin to warp as a result of absorbing too much water. Walls that bend and curve can result in structural damage. It is expensive to repair. Warping walls are a clear sign of a moisture problem that needs urgent repair.

6. What To Do Next

You’ve noticed one or more of the signs listed above in your basement, now what? You should have your basement inspected to determine the cause of the moisture problem. The two most common reasons are plumbing leaks and foundation leaks. Plumbing leaks are often easy to fix. You may have to damage your finished walls to get the leak fixed, and foundation leaks are more involving to repair. You will have to invest in a waterproofing system to protect your basement and the entire structure of your home.

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