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Wet basement waterproofing for Washington Borough, NJ

Washington Borough is located in Warren County, N.J. in the Lehigh Valley. The Borough has 6,440 residents and covers 1.9 square miles (U.S. Census 2010).

The Borough was formally incorporated by an Act of the N. J. Legislature in 1868. Prior to then the Borough had been part of Washington Township.

The Township is named after “Washington House” which was a Revolutionary Tavern in the Borough area.

The Borough was a part of the Morris Canal and had a music organ manufacturing business for many years.

You need wet basement waterproofing before you finish the basement

  • Turning your unfinished basement into functional living space is a project many New Jersey homeowners will consider this year.
  • A healthy home needs a dry and healthy basement, not a wet basement.
  • The main house is above ground and has plenty of air circulation from the windows and doors being opened and closed each day.
  • The basement is subterranean and below ground. Because the basement is underground it has a different environment than the rest of the house.
  • Also, because most of the living takes place in the main living areas, the main house is probably cleaned more often.
  • Keep your basement well ventilated and have a 7 day battery backup sump pump for power outages.

If you get a wet basement every spring, your first investment must be in controlling the water that invades it.

  1. An unexpected wet basement can damage walls and floors, destroy carpeting, ruin furniture and lead pretty quickly to mold.
  2. Dryness is key to a successful basement project because water damage can really wreak havoc in your home.
  3. French drain waterproofing systems with a sump pump are an important means for achieving a dry basement.
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