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You get a wet basement in Roselle, NJ because the foundation is not sealed.

Roselle is a Borough in Union County, NJ with a total area of just over 2.6 miles. The Borough is home to over 21,000 residents and was incorporated in the late 1800’s from sections of Linden, NJ. Some of the older homes have a wet basement.

Roselle has a very unique history with electricity. The Borough was the first to use Thomas Edison’s overhead wires to light the town. Their success in Roselle helped quell the concerns of other areas.

There are several recreational offerings in Roselle. The largest being Warinanco Park as well as the indoor ice skating center.

There are sections of Roselle that are eligible for the reduced NJ State tax percentage.

Your wet basement can be made dry permanently

The water table typically rises over a very wide area, not just around your house and your wet basement. The water table is part of the earth and re-grading your flower beds will not alter it.

Snow melts, rain falls. Much of this moisture is pulled deeper into the frost line by gravity. The frost line is the depth in the ground in which the water NEVER freezes.

Water tables can become elevated when they receive more water than they drain off. This can be from unusually high amounts of rain, or excess water from higher elevations.

The sump pump should be one part of a complete waterproofing system. A sump pump alone is not effective to lower the water table under the house and prevent water infiltration. Having a sump pump without a delivery system (such as a French drain) can be likened to having a heart without arteries and veins; it’s just not going to work right.

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