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The City of Paterson is located in Passaic County, N.J. and is the 3rd most populated City in New Jersey with 146,199 residents. The City covers 8.7 square miles and is on the Passaic River (U.S. Census 2010).

Paterson was named after William Paterson, signer of the U.S. Constitution, and of the 1792 Town Charter. In 1861, the city was incorporated by an Act of the New Jersey State Legislature from Acquackanonk Township.

The Lenni Lenape Indians knew the Falls well as a prime camping and fishing site. They called it “Totowa,” to sink or be forced down beneath the waters by weight, a tribute to this awesome mass of water. Others have called it “ Passaic Falls ”. Today it is commonly known as the “ Great Falls ,” which distinguishes from the Little Falls and describes it well.

The Great Falls in Paterson on the Passaic River are 77 feet high and were pivotal in development of the Industrial Revolution. The power of the falls was harnessed to power silk mills which led to Paterson being known as “Silk City”.

Lou Costello, of Abbott and Costello, was born and raised in Paterson.

Your wet basement in Paterson, NJ is fixed permanently by A-1 Basement Solutions of Scotch Plains and backed by our Life of House Warranty.

If your basement was still sealed you would not get a wet basement, EVER!

  1. During construction a tar like substance is applied to the exterior of the concrete foundation before the backfill is done.
  2. Tar is a very good sealer against a wet basement and is good for 30 years or so.
  3. The tar coating is similar in substance and life to roofing shingles which don’t last forever and neither does the tar on the foundation.
  4. Once the tar is gone the foundation is no longer sealed and the porous concrete is laid bare.
  5. Therefore, unless you have re-sealed the foundation, if you had a wet basement before you will again.

The French drain wet basement waterproofing system is designed prevent water from flooding your basement

  • It is installed inside the basement, below the floor, around the perimeter.
  • This French Drain controls the water, delivers it to the sump pump(s), and discharges it out of the house.
  • This system comes with a life-of–house transferable guarantee that your basement floor will not have any water on it.
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