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How Fast Can Your Home Be Ruined By Water Damage? Scotch Plains, NJ


How Fast Can Your Home Be Ruined By Water Damage? Scotch Plains, NJ

Dealing with a leaky or flooded basement isn’t easy. We at A-1 Basement Solutions have seen the devastation that water in a basement can cause.  Many homeowners end up spending thousands of dollars to recover and restore their property after the flooding. However, much of the damage can be avoided by taking the right action quickly.

Water Damage Progress

Many homeowners are quick to call professional contractors when their basements are completely flooded. However, even what seems like a small and harmless leak in the basement requires immediate attention. Water damage when left too long can result in severe damage to property.a-1-basement-solutions-scotch-plains-nj-a-1-basement-solutions-1

  • The first 24 hours

A leak in the first 24 hours will spread and seep into everything within easy reach. This means that anything in the area surrounding the leak can become damaged. This includes drywall, wooden structures, furniture, and any other absorbent item stored in the basement. A small leak can also have an impact on your electrical system. It can cause a short circuit or result in electrocution of anyone that comes into contact with the wet items in the basement.

  • The first week

If you leave the water damage in your foundation unattended, the damage will develop further. Mold will develop within the first week of water damage. The growth of mold in the basement indicates the spread of mold spores throughout the rest of the home due to the circulation of air from the basement to the upper regions of the house. Wood surfaces will begin to show signs of rotting. Metal surfaces will begin to corrode.

  • More than a week later

When water damage is allowed to persist for longer than a week, the damage will be worse. The mold infestation will become more established and widespread. Your home may also experience structural damage as a result of rot and increased hydrostatic pressure around the foundation. The costs of repairing your foundation at this stage will be greatly increased.

When You Should Call A Professional for Water Damage

It is important to get in touch with a professional as soon as you notice water damage. We at A-1 Basement Solutions provide responsive services. We can have a professional visit your home within 24 hours to perform an inspection of your foundation and determine the source of the leak. Our responsive team will remove the water from the foundation and recover your property. We will provide you with the most effective repair solution to keep your basement dry.

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