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2 Reasons Why Regular Windows Can’t Replace Egress Windows Bergenfield, NJ


2 Reasons Why Regular Windows Can’t Replace Egress Windows Bergenfield, NJ

Having egress windows installed in your basement can help you increase the living space in your home. They’re a much cheaper option than investing in a home addition. These windows will increase the value of your home by giving you the opportunity to finish your basement and expand the square footage of your home.

Admittedly, the initial investment in egress windows can seem high. However, they will pay for themselves in the value they bring to your home. Despite this, many homeowners still try to cut corners and use regular windows instead of installing an egress window system. They do this to save money as standard windows are much cheaper than those specifically designed as egress systems.


Why regular windows can’t replace egress Windows

  1. Egress windows are designed to meet the specific safety requirements

For example, because the egress systems are designed as emergency exits, their size is dictated by building code to ensure that emergency personnel can gain entry and that those inside the house can exit the house safely in an emergency situation. Regular windows aren’t designed with building code in mind. They aren’t designed to meet safety requirements. They are therefore unlikely to meet building code requirements.

  1. Regular windows aren’t designed for limited spaces

Basements often have limited space in which to install windows. Egress windows are not only designed to meet code requirements but also to work in limited spaces. Manufacturers of these windows take into consideration the limited space that many homeowners have to work with and design the windows to meet code requirements as well as the needs and requirements of homeowners. Regular windows don’t come with special features to make use of the limited space. For example, the window’s sweep may be impeded by the lack of room when it is installed.


They’re worth the investment

While egress windows may seem expensive, they are well worth the investment. They will ensure you meet code requirements and are not cited with a violation that attracts a fine or puts your project on hold. You will also get more use out of your living space by installing the right type of window. Consult with a contractor to determine the best window for your basement.

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